As described in the teaser and on the website, Tales Of Shadowland will not have classes or level, progress occurs through skills such as Ultima Online and Albion, what has not been revealed are the races present in the game, we will not reveal all of them yet. the races as there is, in progress, a building of lore involving multiple teams to make the ToS unique. But obviously there are elements that can't be missing in a good MMORPG. To avoid any need for race balance and advantage, there are no race-specific bonuses or feats. The changes are just visuals and the start game as each race has a main city.


Versatile and skilled, Humans are the predominant race in the world. They adapt easily to any environment and have a wide range of physiognomies due to excessive migrations. Main town Vendalor.


Elves are beings from afar and traditionally territorial. Mysticism has always been part of the life of the Elves, whether they are aristocrats like the Elves of the Dawn, or naturalists like the Elves of the Sunset, fearing and respecting magic with the same intensity. Main city Irndrill.


Skilled forgers and expert builders, dwarves are a stout race of short stature. Its cities are mixed between mountains and mines, where its constructions do justice to its legacy. Main city Paradór.


Mostly tribal, whether in deserts or forests, Orcs have a more adverse culture to others, and their appearance and temperament make interactions with other races even more difficult, despite being known as one of the most reliable races. Main city Arzenouth.

Devas (Dark Elf)

The Devas are a race from Shadowland who migrated to the lands beyond the portal centuries ago. Because they shared Elven traits, they became known as Dark Elves. They have an ancestral lineage of magic in their blood, which can be tapped with proper training. Zirdran main city.

Soon a little more about the races and the whole universe of Tales Of Shadowland.

Authors: Victor Sanfrei, Gregory Derner

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