UZMI GAMES , in order to offer a better experience to USERS , uses cookies to allow the functioning of the website to be personalized for each user.  


But, after all, what is a cookie?


Cookie is a text that is sent to your device, through your browser, so that the USER will be remembered by our website the next time you access it. In addition, these cookies allow us to understand some metrics and we can increasingly improve our service.


But rest assured! Cookies alone cannot be used to identify you. These cookies are usually made up of the name of your domain of origin, its “lifetime” (ie, how long it will remain on your device) and a value, usually a unique randomly generated number.  


In addition, we use a tool that allows the management of your consent to the use of cookies, in this way we use this data only for the purposes permitted by the USER . If you do not want your data to be used, the USER may also revoke your consent.


What use do we make of cookies?


"Cookies" can be used in different ways, as described below:


  1. Category 1: Functional Cookies 

These cookies are used by our website for some of its functionality, such as for us to know the number of active users and their retention. With that, we can make adaptations in order to improve the user experience.  


  1. Category 2: Performance Cookies

This type of cookie collects anonymous information about how our users use the website so that we can optimize it. For example, a cookie that lets you know if you've chosen the “Keep me signed in” option so that the site automatically logs into your account the next time you return to the page. The information collected by these cookies never contains personal details from which it would be possible to identify you.


Which third party cookies will be used?


To allow the use of some features of our website, we use tools from third party providers. These tools may contain third-party cookies not provided for in this Cookie Policy. We recommend that the USER consult the privacy policies of these third parties for further information regarding the use of cookies.


UZMI GAMES uses cookies from the following third party providers:

Google Analytics

We use these cookies to understand the USER's profile, interests and investment objectives.


Can I refuse to use or delete cookies?


Sure! It is possible to modify your browser settings to prevent the storage of cookies on your computer or mobile device without your prior consent or even delete cookies already stored. Please note that disabling our cookies will not prevent you from being shown ads on other sites, it will only make those ads less relevant to the USER . Also, disabling the cookies we use may impact your experience on our platform.


It is important to highlight that, if the USER uses different devices to view and access our page (for example, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), he must ensure that the browsers of each device must be adjusted to meet his preferences regarding to cookies.


We emphasize that, if you wish, the USER can change the cookie options on your browser as follows:


For Google Chrome users - enter the following command in the address bar: chrome://settings/cookies

For Brave Browser users - enter the following command in the address bar: brave://settings/

On the page that opened, look for the “Protections” section and configure the settings according to your preferences.

For FireFox users - enter the following command in the address bar: about:preferences#privacy

On the page that was opened, just look for the option "Cookies".

For Microsoft Edge users - enter the following command in the address bar:



Modifications to the Cookie Policy


We may modify this Cookie Policy at any time, within the respective legal limits. If we make substantial changes, we will notify you as soon as you return to our site.


It is important that the USER check any new cookie policy implemented by UZMI GAMES .


If there is any doubt about the use of cookies by UZMI GAMES , the USER can contact us through the email and talk to our data protection officer, André Henrique da Rocha Ferreira.


Created on November 16, 2021.